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Hi everyone so I have been having a problem with my tank since inception regarding shrimp. They look happy as a clam for the first 48 hours then bam they lay down and die. I keep other inverts in the tank with no problems.

The first shrimp I ever added was a CBS and drip acclimated over 3hrs and then added to DT where it started scavenging for food and was all over the place, two days later I wake up to feed and notice its just sitting still so I went to work and when I got home it was still there so i pulled it out gave it a sniff and it had a slight odor so I could tell he was already dead when I saw him in the morning. I chalked this off as being to new of a tank and maybe an amm spike had taken him out.

The second batch of shrimp I added was 2 peppermints added 6/12/15. This morning dead and dead.

I checked all of my parameters today:

Amm - 0ppm
nitrite - 0ppm
nitrate- Less than 5ppm the color was so close I almost could call it a 0 reading
ca - 700ppm I already did a big water change to bring this down to 450ppm
alk - 9dkh
temp 79-81
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