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I think I am going to dismantle my 55g tank and setup a nano tank. I want to gauge interest before I do and see what kind of reaction I will get from everyone. I know there are alot of tanks for sale here on the board so I just want to see who might be interested before I decide to proceed.

Here is what I will have available:

Sump with protein skimmer
48" 55w Power Compacts(4) 2 Actinic and 2 10000K
about 75 pounds of live rock, (make me a resonable offer on this)
I also have a 250w Metal Halide ballast with enclosure (make reasonable offer)
about 35-40 pounds of live sand

I will be keeping some of the sand and rock to start the nano... and all the livestock/corals...

I just really don't have the time anymore to take care of the 55g, I tried to hire someone to do it but they screwed it up, so I am going to make life easier for me by reducing the size of my tank..

I have pretty much decided to sell it off but want to gauge interest before I do...

FCFS for all mentioned items.. I also have a 75g RO-DI unit I may sell if there is interest in it. For the nano I will buy LFS water. I have had the RO-DI for about 3 months. Have made 2 5 gallon buckets of water from it...

Thnx, best way to get me is by email, I do not check PM's very often..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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