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60 gallon cube tank with

Stand, Canopy

Included: 2 64watt PCs, 1 250 watt HQI Halide (new Bulbs)
Euroreef Skimmer
Fuge/sump combo
Kalkwasser reactor
Genx 4100 pump new
90lbs of premium Fiji Live rock

Livestock: LTA with 2 true percs
2 Urchins
1 cleaner shrimp
Hoervens Wrasse
Flame Angel
Frogspawn beautiful with purple tips
Ricordia, green and blue
Christmas Favia
Crocea Clam
Blasto orange with green
1 Blu Acro

Extras: R/O DI Unit
R/O Unit
Wet Dry filter
Canister Filter
2nd non halide canister
Extra Heaters powerheads
Extra Ballast that runs 2 PCs
Extra heaters and powerheads
Many Sailfert test kits
Other odds and ends

Selling all together. Must come to my house to pick up. I live in the Portland Area.

PM me if interested
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