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What was the biggest "scare" you've ever had keeping reef tanks"?

  • Tank leaking

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • All fish dying

    Votes: 6 28.6%
  • etc.

    Votes: 8 38.1%
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Just wondering to know what was the biggest scare you've ever had keeping a reef tank, tank leaking, everything dying, etc.

Mine was when all of my baby seahorses died in only 1-2 days soon after my brine shrimp didn't hatch, I had to feed my seahorses flakes (suprisingly-two of them ate a few of them but only a few) for almost a week I tried frozen but they only would eat flakes if I used a turkey baster to squirt them near them and used the air bubbler to make them move around. They didn't eat much of the flakes and even with all my attempts the shrimp wouldn't hatch! But they did today, and I'm very happy.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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