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Plexiglass vs. Acrylic

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I just called a glass place looking for prices on acrylic. The salesperson tells me that acrylic is a brand name and that plexiglass is the same thing. She quoted me a price of $8.00/sq. foot for 1/4 inch and $6.00 a square foot for 1/8 inch. I am looking to start building my 10 gallon sump tonight, I have a 10 gallon tank that I bought the other day that I will be using as the base for my sump. Is this what I need or is the salesperson wrong?
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I am going to go with wrong on this one.
jbjints I don't know the difference between plexi-glass and acrylic....however I do think I would shop around and ask some other shops for two reasons. 1. you can find out what the difference between the two really is, and 2. that price sounds kinda high to me. My glass shop cut me 12X12 pieces of 1/4" for 4 bucks, so it sounds to me like your shop is going to charge you almost double.....

Don't know about the difference.... but those prices are outrageous!!:eek:
In Home Depot acrylic is billed as being 10 times stronger than plexiglass and those prices are quite a bit higher than HD also. See
I'd go and slap that sales person with some information on the two LOL!
That window mentioned at that site is a monster. 13 inches thick!
Plexiglas is just a trade name that acrylic products made by Atoglas are sold under in North and Latin America. It is called Altuglas most other places. It is just a type of acrylic, and I have a very hard time believing that what home depot sells is 10 times stronger than it, as plexiglas is cell cast acrylic. The only thing I would worry about when buying acrylic is the type: cell cast, or extruded, you probably want cell cast as it is stronger and will hold up better in the long run.
Not to mention, using WELD adhisives! It takes practice but can be done rather well in time. If anyone wants post, I'll look for them, where you can get products etc..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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