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i use salifert test kits and hagen, i have been trying to get good alk, calcium and have elevated mag levels for bryopsis algae. First my levels are this.
alk 10.2 dkh
magnesium 1700 ppm
calcium 560 ppm
the magnesium is elevated for a reason and the calcium is high because i have been having problems testing with salifert and have been adding calcium daily. my salifert calcium test is never pink it stays blue/purple like it is very low, but when i mix fresh and test it works very well 400 ppm so i know the test is good i am wondering if it has to do with the elevated magnesium levels that effects the salifert only, has anyone had this issue know whats going on or put me in contact with salifert to find the problem i need a new test kit and don't know what to get now? again after i add the first and second reagent to perform the test the test color should be pink but it is blue and adding the third and final reagent does nothing to the color. but the color is already at the final color.
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