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pleas check fish selection

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my first reef tank is finaly set up! the tank is a 35 hex w/ a prizm skimmer by red sea, a prism pendent by custom sealife (w/ 3 32 watt) and has about 50 lbs of sand. the rock is fiji.
the live stock selection is what i want checked (al though comments on the hard ware are also aprricated)

-1x grape bubble coral (plegogrya sinuosa)
-1x green plate coral (fungia repena)
-1x green zoathid (zoanthus)
-1x mono button coral (protopalymon)
-1x striped mushroom coral (disconsoma straitia)

-1x yellowhead jaw fish
-1x benggai cardinalfish
-1x royal bassalet
-1x fire fish goby
-2x false percula clown

-20x turbo snails
-1x peppermint shrimp
-1x serpent star
-4x bumble bee snails
-5x cerinth snails
-10x nausarius snail
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im no expert by any means but i think you may need more light for some of your corals. we've heard 5 watts per gallon is a good ratio.
Hi aqua maniac- Congrats on your new hex! I love the way they look.

did you already buy all those critters, or are those just in your plans?

I can tell you from experience, that the clowns will make a mess of your tank! I love my tomato clown, but shees! she has really made a mess of my DSB, and now she is bullying my wrasse, fer kryin' out loud :eek:

also, that jawfish will be too disruptive for your size tank. I have a 29, and have to be very careful of the inhabitants. I've lost some fish from others finding them to be very tasty.

...that's my 2¢ worth :)
First of all, "Are you from Montana?"

I think for a jaw fish you would need a deep sand bed with some coarser substrate so they can line their hole and cover it when they want!

The percula clowns would be fine in your system. Zoo's and mushrooms would be fine with the amount of lighting but other corals would demand more light like PC's, VHO or MH.

Others will add to this as well but glad to have you here!:)
the pendent IS pc

no i havnt bought any critters yet as the rock is still "curring" from the shipping. i plan to order (the pet stors in my area suck) the inverts and the hardiest fish at the end of next at the earliest

i also go to reef central (but TRT is prefered). they seemed to think the star would be a bad choice. comments?
Hmmm...It looks like your bioload will be too great for the hex. They are kewl looking tanks, but the water surface area is less than a horizontal tank.
So you need so reduce the number of critters to go in the tank.

Let's see what some others can suggest.
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