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ok, i am out of my realm here when setting up a planted FW aquarium. my colleague would like to set up a 20h as a planted aquarium. right now it is a running tank containing just some Java fern and a bunch of snails, apparantly the good kind when it comes to tanks like this. tank has been running about a year this way. she originally had cichlids but Durham changed the water and were killed when she did a water change. we have since figured this problem out and now wants to get back into it.

1 NO strip light
HO filter for a 20g (do not know yet exactly what kind)

she understands the CO2 thing and is willing. what does she use to monitor, a ph monitor like in SW? what kind of lights? somehow i do not think 400w of mh are in order.:D



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Yes the ph monitor is the same as in sw. it should shut off the co2 when the ph reaches a certin lvl. Also With lighting you can use a Power Quad for lighting or any PC for that matter. Be careful with the co2 it willalso spring a algae bloom if you arent careful.

Might want to look into substrate too. In a planted tank it is as important as southdown in a reef tank

I have found that has one of the best Planted aquarium forums around.

If I can be of any more help please let me know (been there done that) hehhehe

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