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All right -

Ive got a 37 semi-cube (half a normal 75) along with a bunch of extra stuff I'm trying to convert to a pure SPS BB tank. I'm framiliar with the process and basic ideas, and here's what Ive got so far:

Lighting: 250W DE Phoenix + 2x24W T-5 , 1 6500K, 1 blue+
I'm thinking of putting a sheet of eggcrate on top to diffuse the light a little bit. The T-5 is mainly to reduce the sharp shadows DE fixtures tend to produce. I think the phoenix should be more then enough blue without actinics right?

I've also got a 250W SE bulb I might use. Less light, which seems to be a problem in some cases. Also I would assume the light will be more uniform.

Skimmer: MR-2 w/6" riser and Iwaki 40. Waaaay to big, but since I already have it might as well use it.

Circulation: This was the trickiest part. All ive got is a PCX-55 or a Mag 7. What I'm planning right now is a 1.5" drain, with a PCX-55 return to one or two penductors. Again, overkill but I already have em. One penductor in the back corner, like what a normal return would be like. The other in the other back corner, pointed diagionally down to the same side bottom front corner. Might just use 1 though. Might also switch return and skimmer pumps if the flow is too insane. This would be approaching 5000 GPH, or 135x...

A 6000+controller would be nice instead of a second penductor, but those are expensive, maybe later. I figure with this level of flow varying it isnt as important.

I'm planning on making some DIY rock, and strategicaly placing holes for frag plugs. Nice and cheap. Seeded with 5-10 lbs LR from my softie tank.

I plan on using only locally available frags, and 10 or less colonies of the "basic" SPS. I really like the tanks with a few, huge colonies

Any thoughts, suggestions, or warnings before I set this up tomorrow?

- Bob

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To me it looks fine, and your skimmer is perfect for your set up. As you mention flow might be tricky but as long as you're able to tweak it after the rock is in place you should be fine.

Nice avatar BTW. :D
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