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today Brandon and i noticed tiny little bright pink things that look like snails! we just added some extra snails in our tank on friday (none of which are even slightly pink) but didnt realize they could produce that fast!

does that sound at all normal to anyone? where do you supose they came from?
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Hmmm, Best way to ID them , is to post a good, clear pic of them, ,,
can you see them close enuf to say they are snails?
is a lil quick IMO,,,
unfortunately, the only camera we own is a POS that over exposees our film and in no way could get that kind of focus (theyre like less than 2 mm),
they appear to have a round oblong shell and 2 antanae on the front, and they move on the glass like snails do. i was just wondering if anyone else had any thing like that too.
Impossible to say without a picture. For me personally, impossible to say with a picture ;) . I do agree with JZ whole-heartedly though. That is pretty quick for snails to reproduce, hatch and get to 2 mm. Live rock hitchhikers is my (totally unprofessional, uneducated) guess.

edit: What kind of snails have you intentionally put in the tank?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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