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Pictures as promised......(warning to 56k Users)

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Well here I sit, at 2:35 am and my tank is not even 1/2 full....the 45 gallon trash can is only about 1/3 full, so I won't be adding any more water to the tank till morning, but I had enough in the tank to pick up the rock and put it in, and get some circulation going.....with these lights, a heater hasn't been needed.

Well here is the first shot, of the 1/2 full tank, rock and what little sand I decided to go with....


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Here is a closer shot of some of the rock, and how nice it looked for 3 dollars a pound....


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another of my cheap rock....The piece in back is actually turned around backwards....I think its marshal island, the bottom of this rock is cone shapped, and the top is level but very "bumpy" like marshal rock...but the other side is covered in greens, pinks and purples.... in the picture after this one its the same rock with the bright yellow corraline on it...too bad that stuff never seems to take hold in a home tank, i would love my rocks to cover with yellow the way most peoples cover with purple....


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Yellow Coraline.....why can't it stay?!


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Hey Dave! Looks really cool and nice pieces of LR you selected!! Yeah your right about some of the stuff on LR that just dies away later on that you would love to keep! Oh well later on when your LR is covered with corralline algae and corals you probably would not see much of it anyways! Great job and more pics when tank is full of water!;)
sweet dave.. i dont think i've ever seen yellow corraline. didnt even know it came in yellow. only seen purple and green before.

btw: came to chat last night, but everyone was already gone.
Oh wow! those are some nice gnarly pieces of LR, Dave!

BTW...what time do you guys chime in with chat?
cath we really miss the southern belle of TRT in chat last night!!:(

I was in there until around 10PM MST I believe!

Wanna chat now? Oh that's right your doing the tearing up the LR thingy today! Hope all goes well!!:dance:
I left chat seconds after Johnny did, I waited for Jay, but after I saw his name drop off of the "users browsing" list I figured he didn't read the "come to chat post"....oh well, there will be other chats....

Dang water is taking forever...the 45 g tub is only about 1/2 full....not quiet. I emptied it again last night around 1 am, so its been going for not quiet 12 hours, so thats about 25 gallons in 12 hours so I guess its running at about the right rate now, it just feels slow as heck...Also it would figure that the day I get my tank running, happens to be the same day that my son figures out how to open the door on the sump portion of the off to the hardware store to buy latches!

As far as pictures when its full of water, I will be taking tons of pics so you will probably be requesting that I stop posting them very soon, but at the rate the RO/DI is going it might be a life time before you have to start worrying about that.

Otay, Buckwheat. Looks like you're still working on the first lesson of bein' a reefer------> slow is good.

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