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I just want to let yall look at my new 6-gallon nano. It has been running for about 48 hours now.

6 gallon Eclipse
2x13 watt 50/50 CF from
Factory filter for water movt. only.
Rio 200 with a DIY square spraybar
~7 lbs. of SouthDown Sand
3 lbs of live sand
~14 lbs of live rock

I am looking forward to getting this tank established and taking it back to college with me! It will be a good dorm desk thing. I am sure I will be watching it more than I should!

Andy thanks for some awesome live rock! It is crawling with life!

Anyone else with nanos around?

William Mann

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Looking good William.

I got all my money together -- now I just need to start purchasing the different pieces of equipment.

Your tank is making me get anxious.

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My fingers are itching.....I have added a Radio Shack micro fan to keep the temp. cool. I will post some picture of that when I get some free time later tonight.

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Is a 10 gal considered a Nano?

If so, here's one:

3"+ DSB live sand from the 110 gal
live tonga branch and some FL Keys base rock
one pygmy angel
one coral banded shrimp
one super small goby
some xenia
a few mushrooms
a few zoo'thids
some macro algae

and that's it! NO FILTER - just a powerhead, and a heater.

Lighting is a small PC dual strip, one side white- the other actinic
and a regular NO flourescent strip.

...just a small office project....

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Here's my 10 gallon that I have at work:

10 gallon AGA
2x32w PC, one 10k bulb and one actinic bulb
Prizm protein skimmer
Rio 180 (120gph) attached to DIY spray bar
Minijet 404 (108 gph)
Natural Wave Timer for skimmer and both powerheads (skimmer on ~30 seconds on/off cycle; powerheads alternating on ~15 seconds on/off cycles)

~15 lbs Fiji and Carribean live rock
~10 lbs live sand
green star polyps
green-centered, orange ring, and orange-centered zoos
bali green slimer acro
blue tip staghorn acro
yellow hairy acro
yellow tip millepora
unidentified acro
elegance coral
candy cane
bubble tip anemone
coral banded shrimp
bristle worm (~5")
gold-striped maroon clownfish
royal gramma

The tank was setup 7/1/02. Here's a pic from January ... I just realized how much has changed in the past 4 months. Nano tanks are great because you see so many of the smaller things that go unnoticed in a larger tank.


Summer and Alyssa's Daddy
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Wow, that looks cool. I like how you figured the heating problem. I had major problems with my eclipse trying to keep heating stable.
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