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Just a quick question. I couldn't remember how much media to use in my phosban reactor so just trying to remember.

I currently use the brown granule and started without just a little so the tank got used to it.

Last week i added a lot more so you can see the stuff move but not a lot.

This weekend i'm going to switch to the pellets due to nitrate levels.

Can someone tell me how much i use for the pellets? Is that correct that you need enough room for a good tumble effect??

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It depends on tank size, PO4 levels, and desired levels
so a general idea is a great place to start and a cup might be a great start point.
Learning the tanks curve as you add it and adjust will be the best answer.
I've never used the pellets and always used more of the granular than called for.
I don't think it will hurt as you've already got the system used to PO4 removal.
(No stripping shock should take place now)
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