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ph has fallen and it cant get up td. wyatt

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sorry about the subject line it sounds a little crude.

hello tom. (or whoever can help me on this).you responded to a post i had on my low ph. i took your advice and ordered some ph test packets and calibrated my meter. i am going from a low in the morning of 7.75 to a high in the day of 8.o2 8.05. all inhabitants look fine and these readings have been like this for 4 months. i am a sickeningly heavy feeder. i feed about 12-20 cubes or 1/4 cup of food a day skipping a day every 4-5 days. this is a 500 gallon total water volume system i have been putting about 12 teaspoons of superbuffer once a week in the tank (helps my fear of this low ph) i really want to get the ph back up where i had it at around 8.1-8.3. any suggestions would be appreciated
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wasabi said:
problem solved, my co2 tank went dry and ph climbed back up into safe zones. i ordered a kalk reactor from myreef creations lowered my bubble count on the reactor . ph has climbed back up . hopefully this will solve the problem
Sorry, I've been gone for a few days, where are we on this???

Just as a note, then pH is this low and still cycles on a daily basis, and the meter error has been ruled out, it is almost ALWAYS a problem with excess CO2. I would get a Pinpoint controller and connect the solenoid for the Calcium/CO2 reactor to the controller. This will save you a little effort with the kalkreactor, (which I would recommend anyway) and still give you a reasonable level of Ca and Alk. The summer and deep winter for most folks coincides with a similar occurance, as the house gets shut up and CO2 accumulates in the in-house environment. The above suggestion to pipe in outside air for the skimmer is one of the ways to fix this.

Post and let us know where you are on this.

where are we on this??? ^^^^^
wasabi said:
the kalk reactor is sitting on my tank... ... im procrastinating big time.


..."yes Dear, right after I clean the skimmer, refill the Kalkreactor, check the pH on the Ca reactor effluent, make a pot of coffee, scrape the algae, cruise the net for prices, call the LFS, check email, type a few responses for TRT, finish my new articles, read some of the Sorokin, make new blender mush, feed the corals, check the calciumalkalinitysalinitypH, do the prop system water change, do the display water change, finish the new research project, make another pot of coffee, talk to DonAndyEarlCathEricAliceDougKevinJulesOtherAndyJennOtherDougDickGregMorgan about fishcoralnuisancealgaeFRAGSproblemtanks idxyz, explain to Kelley why the fish are not REALLY still hungry, start the new batch of RO, surf the net for interesting threads in the news, clean up the RO mess cuz I let it run over, think about the DSB debate...

...and you still want me to go to work???"
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