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ph has fallen and it cant get up td. wyatt

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sorry about the subject line it sounds a little crude.

hello tom. (or whoever can help me on this).you responded to a post i had on my low ph. i took your advice and ordered some ph test packets and calibrated my meter. i am going from a low in the morning of 7.75 to a high in the day of 8.o2 8.05. all inhabitants look fine and these readings have been like this for 4 months. i am a sickeningly heavy feeder. i feed about 12-20 cubes or 1/4 cup of food a day skipping a day every 4-5 days. this is a 500 gallon total water volume system i have been putting about 12 teaspoons of superbuffer once a week in the tank (helps my fear of this low ph) i really want to get the ph back up where i had it at around 8.1-8.3. any suggestions would be appreciated
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did your problem start when you turned on your A/C? that is about the time mine started having the same problem. i apparantly have a well sealed house. i ran a tube to the venture part of my skimmer down into the crawlspace below the tank. this has helped a little.

i am sure Tom will help out on this. i would also suggest searching for anything with ph and tdwyatt in it.

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