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Sounds like a bad time was had.

If it was just that one employee(i know there was two in the story) that pulled this,and not the policy or what the owner deemed proper then that is a problem and customer base would reflect that in time IMO.

When i had my shop, i told/taught employees that if you make a customer happy , they tell 3 people. If you tick off a customer they tell 10 people. EZ math to figure out.;) (and now with the internet, see how far a ticked off customer can get his message now :eek: :agree: ) And people remember what so and so told them about a shop etc., be it good or bad.

Hopefully things get/got straightened out between these two parties (A good shop IMO would try to make good on a bad experience )

And one thing to remember, two parties means two different side of the story. Tho i kinda doubt it, the employees might have a different story to tell about this.

Hope things get worked out.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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