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I am having trouble growing soft corals in my tank, I've quizzed multiple local reef shops and none seem to know the issue.

Here's a bit about my tank:
80 gallon rimless, (2) ecotech radion xr30w pro lights, (2) echotech vortech mp40 powerheads, vertex omega 150 protein skimmer, bulk reef supply gfo and carbon reactor, 120ish pounds of live rock, 40ish pounds tropic of eden live sand.

Tank has been running since last November.

(1) Female Leopard Wrasse
(1)Bi Color Blenny
(1) Two Spot Bristletooth Tang
(1) Sailfin Tang
(1) Blue Regal Tang
(1) Diamond Goby
(4) Blue-Green Chromis
(1) Spotted Mandarin
(1) Cleaner Shrimp

Water Parameters as of yesterday:
Salinity: 1.023
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 8
Phosphate: .01
DKH: 9
PH: 8.2
Calcium: 420
Magnesium: 1400

I've added Zoas that won't open up, frogspawn that I had to move to a friends tank because it was dying, and a green toadstool that hasn't open up.

The only coral that seems to be doing ok'ish is a orange mushroom.

I've also fed corals with aquavitro fuel and live phytoplankton, and I've added strontium & molybdenum.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Where are the corals placed in the tank? That light might be too much for them to handle as soft corals do not need much light. Try moving them down into the sand bed and see if they react any better over the coarse of a week. If you bought them and threw them straight in the tank without acclimating them to the light this could be the problem.

I would also try and bring the salinity up slowly. A better range would be 1.024-1.026.

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Have you tested your water for copper or stray voltage?

I've never had much luck with zoas in my tank (only the ugly ones live).

How old is the tank?

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might be too much light or too much flow. two MP40's on a 80? great for sps but maybe a bit much for softies. you shouldn't need to dose anything, especially if your not testing. I don't dose or feed my 120 gal. softie tank. someone is going to say it so it may as well be me. you have two fish, (hippo and sailfin) that really need a much larger tank.
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