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Well I go to the LFS and ask for a "Peppermint Shrimp" and Leave with (what I find out later) is a Blood Shrimp. I was looking for a Peppermint for some Aiptasia control.
My question is can I get a Real Peppermint and it get along with the Blood Shrimp? I would hate to get rid of the B/S, It is Realy Nice (only 7.99)
and Please no Flaming for not knowing exactly what the Peppermint looked like


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Don't complain I've seen the blood shrimp go for as much as $30 around here. You shouldn't have any prob;lems between the peps and the blood shrimp. What size tank?
Dang, 7.99 for a blood shrimp. I have yet to see one for less than 20 bucks. You should pay about 4 bucks or so for peppermint shrimp. I typically like to keep 2 or 3 at a time. I guess since they make babies that put food in the water column.

yep, you got a great deal on that blood shrimp
Sweet deal on the Blood Shrimp (aka Fire Shrimp...) - the store lost money on that sale :D

Yes, a pepp will go along fine with them. Although $4 is a bit conservative considering for some collectors they are out of season right now, and a bit hard to come by - still, what you paid for the Fire shrimp, is in line with what a peppermint should cost, IMO.

Score one point for the hobbyist ;)


They are both Lysmata species - they will get along fine with one another, so go ahead and get yourself a peppermint or two
my peppermint never ate my aiptasia, so i boiled the guys w/ a syringe and hot water. it solved the problem
I've had pepermints in every tank I've had in the past few years, only the last 3 shrimp i've gotten, and now have in the current tank, will eat aiptasia, and they all looked identical.
have you thought about renting out those three???:D BTW will they pick at yellow polyps, shrooms, & xenia??
I would imagine yellow polyps would be eaten, they live under a rock covered with mushrooms, and have not bothered them.

I picked these guys up from pisces I believe, not sure which side of the ocean they are from, possibly the gulf too.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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