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I actually use a peltier in connection with a motorcycle aluminum radiator and twin muffin fans to cool my computer. It uses a small fountain pump in an enclosed box all powered by 12V relay so it always works if the computer is powered. Works miracles for cpu performance. There are peltier devices available for nano reef tank's cooling needs. The one I saw was like a pvc pacifier 2" in diameter mounted in a bulkhead. Some of the tricks involve separating H2O from electricity. Peltiers use a considerable amount of electricity to push heat from one side of a semiconductor to another. The warm side is quite hot and must shed the heat to remain stable. This pretty much means you have to use a pump and radiator to remotely shed the heat or use heatsinks fins and fans to air cool. I do not think it would qualify for an energy star rating but it can make ice water if you want.

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