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I have 2 new and one used. these are the specs:

New, 96W Quad perfect for a nano or a pretty lit up refug, I have 2 of this:

The used one, I ran this in my 46Bow Front for a while until my recent upgrade, the bulbs are 3 months old. You can run this with 2 separate timers for dusk and dawn. (the bulbs alone are 70Dlls)

I can take some pics of the units lit up and such. it might take me a couple of days cause my scanner pucked and I dont have a digital.

Im looking for 130 Dlls for ea plus shipping. I work nights and this is the only time I get to ck, or in better words glue myself to the board, if you'd like to call me during the day try my cell 1715 2129272. (pls call after noon). I need my beauty sleep. LOL

I was going to set up another tank, but there is a nice vacation coming up and decided to let this go.

PS. I will ck the post tonight and friday night, and then, Im off until monday. you have my cell.
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