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I would like to start a discussion about which corals need what par. I am about to check my tanks par values with an apogee light meter that MR. Rustl3r let me borrow ( Thank you so much) and would like to know what I should be looking for. I am running 2 ecoxotic 100 watt cannon eliptical pendants one being a 12k and the other their 455nm. These lights are 15" above the water surface. I have them on adjustable ballast so I can change them with my controller.

My question is what corals need what par to flourish?

At 100% or full on I am at about 400 par at the waters surface just below the lights. Below are some preliminary readings center of tank starting at the water surface going down.

5" = 305
10'= 270
15" = 217

Will post more soon.

At 100% my leather constantly will shed as if he is being sun burn.

Fuzzy Stick Crazy
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Its really dependent on the coral for the most part but in general....

Softies: 20-300. 20 for things like deepwater zoanthids and mushrooms. 300 for leather corals or GSP and the like.

LPS: 50-300. Low light LPS are corals like candycane (some variants can handle ranges around 250). Mid-range are euphyllias (~150). The higher end around 200+ are brain corals.

SPS 100-500+. Deep-water SPS like acropora echinata or other smooth skinned acros like light from 100-250. High light SPS that have lots of polyps need a minimum of 200.
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