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Sorry took awhile to respond

Sick wall! i always wanted to do that! props! what exactly did you use to make yours?
I made a build thread about it but I used black pond foam and some egg crate and bondo and live sand and live rock.
Tank is no longer running tho due to I moved but I'm currently building a 93g cube

Here are some pictures of my up an coming Reef tank, looking to do a bunch more to it just started it about three months ago, enjoy

So far this is what im running

125 Gallon Aqueon tank
API Filstar XP Filter
1 Marineland Maxi Jet 600 Powerhead
1 Aqueon Pro 250 Heater
1 Koralia Hydor Powerhead
1 4x 80 T5 HO Reef LED 320 watt w/ Lunars Moonlights Aquarium Light
150 gal Aquarium Protein Skimmer w/ 530GPH Pump Filter Powerhead

Live Stock so far

2 Honey Damsel
6 Green Chromis
1Salt Water Turbo Snails
1 Red Chocolate Starfish
1 Decorator Crab (aka Decorator Spider Crab)
1 Sand Sifting Starfish
1 Emerald Crab
1 Ocellaris Clown Fish
1 Condylacti Anemone
Looks good I can't wait to see as it matures you should see my current build I can't wait for my taxes I'm just tinkering little by little everyday tll I get it lol

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I'm gunna post that today haven't fully decided yet I know what I have in my 29g that I'm using till its up and running will go in there and that is 2 ocellaris clowns an orange spotted goby a red hawk fish a CBS and a serpent sand sifting star and some n. snails and 2 hermit crabs
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