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Overflow placement

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Hi all...a quick question from a newbie...

I just bought a 5' X 24" X 24", 150gal tank with appropriate hardware, etc. Intention is to build a full reef with a wide assortment of livestock. The question came up regarding drilling for overflow(s). Some of the options the vendor suggested:

1. Have one overflow in one back corner of the tank

2. Have two overflows, one in each corner

3. Have a single overflow located in the back centre of the tank (have never seen this before but is intriguing, particularly would provides good side views of tank).

Any thoughts from those far more experienced than I (meaning basically everyone!)? Are there other options I should be considering? I have to decide in a couple of weeks when the tank comes in...

Thanks in advance for the help...

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I would go with one overflow in each corner for good circulation. BTW, are we talking drilling thru the bottom glass? if so, might want to check to make sure it's not tempered glass - can't drill thru that stuff :)
I would go for the crners as well, much better than having one. :D
I like mine in the center it is a 180 tank i use Tunze streams for water movement,I like not having the corners blocked by overflows:)


See less See more you have a populated pic of your centre overflow tank? Would like to see what it looks like if possible...

No Mark I dont sorry its just a standard overflow with my own custon made pvc standpipe.2 returns built into overflow at the top one on leftside one on right.
I would go with the center overflo also.

Here's a pic of the shop tank. demensions are 48 x 48 x 30 and you can see or not see the overflow in center back.


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I should add that the over flow is 30 inches across...leaving 9 inches on each side
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