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The other day a pump fell off the back wall of my tank while I was out. This was a Rio pump attached to a SCWD wavemaker. I came home and water was shooting up out of water's surface. I promptly fixed the pump and all looked OK. Next day I notice all the corals on the left side of my 220 are looking really bad. I peek into the hood and there is my metal halide mogul base bulb burning brightly BUT the OUTTER glass is busted right in half! Well, my beautiful Devil's hand has shrunk up and shriveled for 20 days now. My green star polyps are now brown. My pulsing Xenia are dark brown, shrunkin up but still pulsing. I know it was UV damage from this broken bulb but I am HOPING that my Devils Hand will recuperate. Has anyone EVER had this happen? Do you guys and girls think the corals will recover from this UV damage?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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