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Cheers to us! My lovely bride and I, through trial and tribulation after tribulation have a well-established 35-Gallon reef with the following:

XP3 Filter
CPR Piggy Back
JBJ light set-up with daylight and blues

2 Rose Anemone's (Our original split, so now we have Rose and Bud)
1 small colony of Emerald Green Mushroom
Green Star Polyps
1 Model Plate (was purple, now it's white)
1 Metallic Rose Brain Coral
1 Pulsing Xenia (not very pulsing at the moment)

1 Gold Stripe Maroon Clown
1 Regal Blue
3 Pajama Cardinals
1 Engineer Goby
1 Foxface

Assorted Astreas, Turbos, and we just lost our fire shrimp. He just up and disappeared, leaving no forwarding address

This was our first tank and we made tons of mistakes. It's a steep and expensive learning curve.

Now we're on our second tank :dance: and this one's going to be awesome.

180-gallon tank with center overflow and dual exhaust holes
Oak stand and canopy retrofitted with some prety awesome Lights: MH Iwasaki's (just replaced) with ballasts and actinics, the works
ASM GS-3 Skimmer (in the sump)
Monterey 1/5 HP Chiller
VIA Aqua Titanium Heater
and the crowning score on this tank: Aquadyne Octopus 3000 with XP-10 hook-up and 6 modules

This was the display tank in our LFS. They were getting a 300-Gallon tank and they let this go with EVERYTHING included for a steal. They even delivered it and are going to help with the light set-up. It also included the original live sand in the tank and they gave us the live rock at cost. We began cycling on Saturday and now it's a waiting game. This time, I guarantee we're in NO hurry! Water was treated with Bio-Safe and we're using Red Sea Salt.

My lovely bride and I are looking forward to it, to say the least. Keep your fingers crossed; I know we are :funny:

We'll let you know how it goes!
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