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For all that have followed the saltwater tank eruption fiasco, thanks for the support. I have decided to get rid of everything and get a dog :) I have tanks just about stacked on top of tanks and just don't have the room for them all and am tired of tripping over things; so, up for sale:

55 gallon fresh water tank. Marineland millenium 3000 filter, uses 2 filter cartridges (for a much bigger aquarium), 14 brand new filter cartridges. 300 watt heater w/ thermometer (i think it is a 300 watt), 2 roman ruin ornaments and 1 rock ornament. 48 inch shop/kitchen type light w/ aquarium bulbs and custom made/1 of a kind moonlight built into the same housing (uses leds that give off same wavelength as moon giving really cool blue glow to tank. Moonlights have seperate power supply and on/off switch). Fish: 4 goldfish about 6-8 inch (1 is white), 3 adult cichlids (2 yellow w/black stripes/1 yellow), 2 baby cichlids (born in this tank), 2 tiger barbs and 2 tetras (unknown type), numerous algae eaters of various species. Also have a metal stand that has been sitting outside for the last year or so, needs to be painted. Asking $250, but will take best offer.

40 (ish) gallon turtle habitat. 2 red eared sliders and 2 fire bellied toads (there may also be a fire bellied salamander too, I never see him, but when I redid the tank, he was still alive and kicking). Tank has approx 30-40 pounds of riverrock type gravel, unknown number pounds of flat rock for dry/land area. Comes w/ 2 filters, 2 heating lamps (needs bulbs), mesh top, drift wood and turtle food. Asking $150 or obo.

20 gallon gecko habitat w/ waterfall. 1 golden gecko and 1 1 stripe gecko, both approx 1-1 1/2 yrs old. Tank was originally a terrarium w/ live plants, tree frogs and the geckos. The plants have started to die off and I haven't seen the frogs in awhile :( Comes w/ heatlamp and plant lamp (needs bulb, although I'm sure I have one laying around here somewhere that would work) and medium waterfall, mesh top. Someone w/ a green thumb could probably bring the plants back around as they are not all dead, just getting there (really sad, it was beautiful when first planted and did well for over a year). Asking $100 obo.

I am getting out of the fish and exotic animal hobby for awhile. Just don't have the room or the energy to do it anymore.
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