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Hello "Aquarium Club" finally got some time to work out a system to do this that we think is going to benefit everyone.

ORA has great corals, they come fully encrusted on a frag plug, are hardy , and are some of my favorites in the hobby. Prices will be pm'd upon request and prices will also be given based on when you are going to pick up the coral... delivery day- Wednesday 12 or Thursday 13-Thursday 20 (let me know when you will pick up in your contact). The availability list is as of last week so i cannot assure you every coral will come in and if not i am sorry and we will be getting in extra corals for the store and will offer you one of these at the same discount to compensate for your specific one not being available.

If you request a coral to be ordered please realize to get the discount you have to pick up the coral in the time specified.

If you request a coral to be ordered please do not back out of the deal. We would like to continually offer more deals and specials for the club, but will not be able to do so if left with extra overstocked corals.


Red Sea Pom Pom Xenia Limit 2
Green Polyp Leather
Long Polyp Leather
ORA Toadstool

Hard Corals

new releases

Phil’s Granulosa Limit 1
Dustin’s Deepwater Acro Limit 1

Orange Capricornis Limit 1
Purple Capricornis Limit 1
Spongodes Limit 2

Duncanopsammia (LPS) 5-7 polyps

Blue Tortuosa
Bali Slimer Limit 1
Chips Acropora
Roscoe’s Blue Acropora

Green Damicornis
Pink Damicornis Limit 1
Pink & Green Damicornis
Green Stylophora

Green Birds Nest
Pink Birds Nest
Hyacinth Birds Nest
Elkhorn Montipora
German Blue Polyp Digitata
Orange Digitata Limit 1

Rose Millepora
Blue Millepora (slightly off color)
Pink Millepora
Nathan’s Green Millepora

Australian Delicate
Miami Orchid

Turquoise Stag
Stuber Staghorn (Heirloom coral)
Tri –Color Valida

Marshall Island Yellow Fuzzy
Marshall Island Mystery Pink Limted

Ok guys check this site for the looks of the mother colonies (they use natural light) The new and limited corals are a little hard to find but keep an eye on liveaquaria's diver's den to get the idea (the two new ones we're putting up are both supposedly very nice I haven't personally seen them). The limited corals will be offered to the first private message. if they receive the price and accept- the coral will be theirs, if not the next in line will be contacted. As corals are no longer available I will post the ones that are gone.

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