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Well, It's that time again where I don't leave well enough alone. I have a couple frags that I accidentally created today that I can offer.

All are Green Montipora Digitata (I raised from a frag) and this is the Bright Green NOT the Army green version.

1 - Small 4 branches $5 Sold (Wasabi)
1 - Large 13-20 branches $20 Sold (Robbie) (about the size of a 4" ball)
1 - Medium 10 branches $15 Sold (Rob) (this is actually the BASE of the colony, it is fully encrusted (approx 1.5 inches in Diameter) and has about 10 or more branches growing from it. It will be a REAL nice colony when it grows out.

1 - Queen Conch (approx 2.5 inches) $5. Sold (Rob)

Let me know if anyone is interested. Everything (except the conch) is mounted. Either call me at 678-852-5608 or PM me. Pick up is preferable by Sunday afternoon.

Ryan Cassidy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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