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online ordering of fish

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Have any of you ever ordered from online?
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I haven't, but a club member has e-mailed them inquiring about shipping costs. We've haven't heard anything back yet.


I've done the same with no response as well, I've actually looked at the web site very thoroughly, at this point I don't know wether it's ligit or not?:beer:
Its a wholesaler you cant order from them. Can you? :)
Yeah you can order, I've put in an order, but at the same time I'm trying to find out what airport they would deliver closest to me...
I looked all over their website about who could order from them and found nowhere did they give restrictions. Yes they do say they are a wholesaler but most (all that I have seen) say who can order and that you have to send in your business license. Seems like they might just be using the wholesaler so people will think they are getting a deal.
There is just a minimum order of 10 fish per order
cool :)
Casey I have a quick question, the picture that is below your name, how did you get that there, and can I do something like that, if so please tell me how?
My biggest concern about this place is that:

1. Isn't Bali located in Indonesia?
2. Isn't Indonesia one of the places that is famous for use of cyanide to catch fish?

Yes you can under user cp at top of page click it then edit options
then at bottom change avatar click it and pick one you like or get on and resize it and use it.
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