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How time flies!

We are fast approaching our 1 year Anniversary (May 1, 2010), and are just as excited as ever about the Saltwater Aquarium Community in the upstate of SC. We would like to extend an invitation to all of our clients to come by this week and see where we have come in a year. We will be offering great discounts and promotions to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. Without you we would not be here (there would be no reason or ability :) )

We have been busy adding new features to the store. If you haven't visited in a while I'll go ahead and fill you in- Fish Quarantine (minimum two weeks on all new fish), Facebook updates (special sales, video, and photo updates), and we are now carrying a lot more food products (live brine, ghost shrimp, copepods, rotifers, Rod's Food, Piscine Energetics Mysid, and more). I'm sure to forget something here, but this is why you need to come in and see it for yourself!

The near future brings a lot of plans (and work!) for Sandlapper Aquatics. We are currently working on a sensitive fish and invertebrate system that will give us more flexibility on housing certain organisms (eg. shrimp, angelfish, gobies, blennies, crabs). This should improve the health of the organisms, help us and you see, find and price the organisms, and allow us more separation of organisms that may not get along in the larger tanks! We are also going to be setting up a big surprise near the front door that will be over 300 gallons... and yes we are going to sell out of it! Stay tuned for more on this front as the details are still in the works!

We hope you can make it out and celebrate our first year in business, and we hope to be able to say "Welcome to Sandlapper Aquatics" for many more years to come. I love what I do and this would not be possible without you all!

The first day of the Anniversary Sale will be Wednesday April 28, 2010. The discount for day 1 will be Buy1 Get1 HALF OFF! I will list the sales for the remaining days on our Facebook page so click that you "Like" our page and the specials will automatically pop up on your home page. You can get to the Facebook page through our website, there is a link to it on the top of the webpage.

Thank you,
Scott Key
Sandlapper Aquatics
WED-SAT 12-7
SUN 1:30-7:00
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