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Good *undane *orning Vince and all of TRT - I like the new avatar, Vinnie, very funny! Phew, where did the weekend go and why is this already *onday??? Send some rain this way too, please, Vince. I have a pot of Costa Rican this morning plus some French toast - please help yourselves.

Going to be a short week for me, we head on Wednesday to Fort Myers Florida for a quick vacation - YIPPEE

Have a great day all! Hi Cath and Patrick . . .


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Good mawnin', Vinnie, HHC, and all of TRT!

Vinnie - how's your job going up there?

HHC - Thanks for the Costa Rican and French toast! Great way to start a *onday. Congrats on some days of vacation this week :thumbup:

Hi, Patrick!

Big rain storm and tornado watch in the middle of the night here. But, it will clear off and wind up at mid-70s this afternoon. Wheee!

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.

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*orning All!Thanks for my favorite breakfast HHC!Rain here too Vin!I'm so tired fro* watching the Devils win last night got *e so pumped up(feel asleep at 2:30a*)up at 5:30a*.Have A Great Day All!

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Good *orning, Vince, HHC, Cath, George, & All! :)

More scattered showers and upper 60's here. Glad to get more water in the system but wish it could be spread around for those in need.

Vince, hope the new project is going well and that you're getting adjusted to the new environment.

HHC, I hope you don't get the rain you wish for in Ft. Myers for your mini-vacation.

Got a grinder of a day ahead but like George, wish I'd gotten a better night's sleep.

This little lady Cowbird sets an example for 'Going Green'. No soap; no electricity for hot water; no towels to launder; just good, clean fun. :D

More from this bathing beauty series here:

Have a *arvelous *onday, Everyone!


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Good *onday *orning everyone.
HHC, if you are driving, wave as you go through Pensacola.
Vinnie, where did you end up working at this round?
Our forecast terrible weather never materialized. Never saw a drop.
I have to run, I have some stuff to take care of before shift change. I'll check back after I get home.
Y'all have a good one.

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*orning everyone. I am in pain from skiing yesterday with my wife and our dentist who are both phenomenal skiiers.

That was closing day so time to clean up our golf clubs and camping gear.

It is going to be sunny and warm this week finally. We got pounded by bad weather and snow lately.

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*orning all :wavey:
Midnite #4 in the bag this morning , one more to go! :dance:
Luckily it was a better nite than the one previous,and that one is just a memory at this point in time :arg:.

The one more midder tonite, then 2 day shifts a few days after at the end of the week, THEN it's 4 week vacation time for this kid! :dance::beer:

Cold damp n rainy again the last 12+ hrs, with word of rain/snow mix tomorrow and tomorrow nite:nuts:, but they also say a warm up of being in the 70's is going to follow, so there is a bright side to all this.

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:

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Good afternoon,

I must be tired today, I did all my paperwork, submitted it and then realized the dates where all wrong. I had to e-mail and let them know I was going to have to redo all again:bawling:.
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