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Ok I created a holder for 5 two liter bottles with airhose to each. I have a rot culture and a bottle of DT's. From what I am hearing the Phyto will not reproduce so I am using it to feed the Rot culture. The phyto I am using is DT's and I am starting with 8oz sample of rots win .5 liter of saltwater. I then added 12ml of DT's to .5 liter saltwater. and Have them cultivating. the water is green and the firstime I did it I only added 5ml of phyto and the water turned clear in a few hours.

Am I doing this correctly and does anyone know if copepods can be done the same way. My plan is to divide the 1 liter into two .5 liter bottles and start the process over an over and over until I have 5 2 liter bottles full then I can start feedng the tanks?

and yes I have about 1000 10ml syringes mdical grade in a clean enviroment.

2nd question, can the cultivated rots be used to feed the copepods?

OR DO I HAVE THIS ALL MESSED UP???? Also anyone who would like to trade or sell me a stereo microscope that can do at least 1000X. I have a kiddy one and I cannot find this ammored single celled creatures living in my hair algie.
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