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Here is the guy that started it all and his website. You will find his plans on how to make this simple device and some of the modifications some others have made. I have made several of these stan pipes and I have one in my tank and I have a great affinity for this design as for the definite sound dampening qualities it rocks. I modified the the cap with a range of holes from small to large and made the hole on the pipe where the cap goes on at the largest hole. This way I can adjust the air flow by twisting the cap. I made the hole a little larger than what the website recommends by drilling holes starting at 1/16th bit up to a 7/64th bit and I am using the 7/64th hole with out any problems or noise and I have not had problems with salt creep.

Sorry for the long post and here is the link:

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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