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Our first meeting will be held on 6/10/2006, at 11 AM, next Saturday at my home. Members and non-members are welcome.

The topic will be: "Starting Over, Lessons Learned". Using my system as an example we will talk about starting a reef tank over again after a mishap or other disaster

FREE FOOD! Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served along with FREE soda and beer.

Oh yeah, and we WILL NOT run out of food:doh: ......I couldn't resist:bawling:

Please post here in this thread if you will attend so I can PM out directions to you.

We will discuss lessons learned and how to incorporate these lessons into a new "starting over" system. I know of one other member, Ceige, who is starting over and will probably have a lot of great recommendations on this topic. Everyone will be welcome and encouraged to speak at the meeting whose format will be an open discussion. We can also do a short acrylic cutting/gluing demonstration at the end of the meeting if there is any interest.
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