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Oceanic Finally Called Back 2 Months Later

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Sending Me A New Hood.......thank God!!!!
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Wow!Did they give you a answer what took them so long?
no haha i had called the BETTER BUSINESS BUERO they called me when they now the have my complaint on file.....but me and the guy from petco were calling like crazy!....for the past 2 weeks ive called at least 5 times a day...left a message every time 2 haha
I hear you on that. I wish I never purchased an Oceanic tank and sump. Customer service does not exist, the website is useless and the LFS that sells the sumps do not have any replacement parts. Horrible company. Even the business card that came attached on the inside of my tank does not have any contact info. If anyone is considering Oceanic products, STAY AWAY.
Have a nice night.
Just Posted A # For A Customer Service The Real # They Dont Give Out


This Will Get U Straight To A Real Person

Thanks for sharing the number. That is why we come to these forums.:jester:
No Prob I Dont Want Anyone To Have To Sit For 2 Months And Whatch Their Corals Suffer!

Sorry For The Caps Key Is Stuck!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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