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now taking applications

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ok, the brw's better watch out. there's a new crew in town.

the SRD's !! yeah, that's right.. the Single Reefin' Dad's

an exclusive, elite, primo, top secret club strictly for Single Fathers who love reef tanks almost as much as they love thier children :)

we'll now be taking applications... NO WOMEN ALLOWED :funny: :D :funny:
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Hehehe I noticed that on a thread of yours tonight, Jay.

I hate to let down the BRW, but I can't find a smart alek remark to say about that. Sooo.....

Woooo Hoooooo! Go for it , dudes!
:) yeah.. me and patrick (stoneyreef) thought of it aaaaallllllll by ourselves :D
Hey Jay! I married a single mom who had three kids so do I get honorary membership?:D
weeeelllll the super elite club is supposed ot be for only single dads... but, under the circumstances, i think the committe will vote favorably on your part....

now, if you were to divorce pat, you would get a full fledged membership :funny:

now, whats it gonna be johnny, mariatal bliss, or membership to the most advanced, super top secret, most hoppin' reef club in the universe? the choice is yours my friend :D

i have just received word back from the elite application committe in regards to your application to join the SRD's. you have been given temporary honorary membership priviledges pending your full and immediate divorce.
Jay no fair in tempting me!!:D

Pat is the love of my life and as much as I would love full membership in your elite, unbelieveable, without a doubt, a dream come true club, I will have to settle for honorary member!;)

JAY I'M YOUR DAD!!!!:banana: :banana: :funny: :banana: :banana:


Oh wait wrong forum sorry

thefatman said:
:) yeah.. me and patrick (stoneyreef) thought of it aaaaallllllll by ourselves :D
Are the 2 of you bragging??? :funny: :lol:
:dance:Jay, I want in, but my kids are all grwon and start their own fams. 2 grandalready, and I'm only 43.

But I am still a single dad.....

Lee :dance: :beer:
well lee, then you still qualify :)

ONLY 43!!!???? dont you mean, ONLY over the hill :D :funny:

cyberchef, shhhhh dont tell anyone :)
WOOHOO!!!!! :banana: :banana: :dance: :blob: :dance: :banana: :banana:
Gee whiz, Uurt...I wish you'd show some excitement or something
Nice logo! Great concept! I like it!

Now, are you SRDs going to try to find the SRMs?? I'm sure there are many out there....

~ :thumbup: ~
Shirley! I already found a SRM with three kids after her husband died of cancer and married the wonderful lady!!:D
you know shirly my cousin was just saying the same thing yesterday :D

he said, what are you guys gonna do, try and hook up with single reefin mom's :) lolol


srd seeks srm
i'm overweight, bald, and spend too much time in front of my tanks. all those interested.. you can contact me at TRT, if i'm not there, check the LFS

Jay, that sopunds like a good idea to me:dance:

well....... how come i never qualify for any of these special groups.......
:D Luck of the draw??

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