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noticing air in my sand bed.... why?

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I have had my tank up an running since the first week in November of 08. just recently I have noticed air forming in my sand bed near the glass! if I sit back and watch for a bit I can actually see the air escaping the sand and rising to the top. though most of it reaches the surface not all the air does! some is getting stuck to my rocks and bases of corals? I have been blowing it off but it returns within the hour! I would imagine if I were not blowing it off I would have an algea problem on my hands and that I do not want! any suggestions? ohh yea..... all my peramiters are within range (calcium, alkalinity, salinity, and pH)
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My first thought would be nitrogen gas, which would be a good thing
I would agree with nitrogen gas.

I have a question, do your vacuum or stir the sand bed when you do water changes? Or has it been left alone since the start?
Probably nitrogen from your sand bed, sounds like you could use a bit more circulation in the tank, can you give us a list of whats in tank as far as livestock and hardware?
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