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My Nitrite levels are OK, so is the PH reading. Ammonia is a little high but I attributed that to the nitrate level. What could be causing the Nitrate level to increase.
You have the right idea, but I think your ideology is backwards.

Ammonia ---> Nitrite ---> = Nitrate ....if ammonia is regstering on your test kits ((meaning ammonia is present in your water)) the ammonia is eventually be transformed into nitite and eventually in to nitrates (in a cycled tank) may not be seeing an increase in your nitrite levels becasue the ammonia is transforming into nitrate before you can test for it.

Your nitrate levels would have to be real high before you started killing off live stock, I'd be more worried about the ammonia source, it sounds as if your tank never properly cycled, or the dealth/increased bioload has cause the tank to cycle again.

Don't add anything for atleast a month, monitor your levels, if you don't have any other livestock in your tank I wouldn't even bother doing water changes until you ammonia reading is zero, than worry about dropping your nitrates.

Yes, the tang death could of caused an inrease in ammonia, which lead to the increase of Nitriates, but like I stated before, find the ammonia source, let the tank cycle and you should be ok.....

DO you have a strong understanding of what it means for a tank to cycle?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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