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That is PRICELESS!!!!!!!

I get those stupid emails, faxes every week. Usually I forward the emails to the FBI, and report the perp to their email provider.

My old boss nearly fell for this about 3 years ago. He got the email, believed the guy, I told him it smelled like a scam, even found websites exposing the scam, but he was sure this wasn't the case, and went right along with it up to the last minute when the guy needed a $10 K broker's fee or something they faxed, emailed even phoned back and forth - I honestly do not know if he paid it - I told him not to but he seemed determined to get his share of the gazillions of dollars at the end of the rainbow..... methinks if he did put up any cash and got hosed, he would have been too embarrassed to say so.

Here's some info on how to report 419 scammers:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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