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Pending Orders - Peppermint Shrimp Status:::

For those of you who ordered peppermint shrimp during the recent PowerBuy, here is an update on them..

I have been in constant contact with all of my suppliers and just got off the phone with several of them and unfortunately none of them have a sufficient quantity peppermints in stock at this time and they cannot advise on when they will.

I will email everyone this evening who had placed an order for peppermint shrimp to arrange for either a refund, credit on account or substitution for alternate items as I do not want you all to wait until they "may" be available.

Orders Not Yet Picked Up:::

For those who missed our previous pickup dates/times, I will also be emailing you all this evening as well and arrange a time to pickup your orders.

Special Note:::

Please be advised, I am flying out to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for a business metting/tradeshow and will return to Atlanta on Friday evening around 11:00PM.

I will be available on Saturday (early afternoon and will confirm time frame) for pickups and will be in communication with you via email while I am out of town to confirm pickup times.

Thanks so much!

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For those interested in Peppermint shrimp, do remember that Porter Betts, our local invert expert who works at FS&M, has captive bred peppermint shrimp.

Last I checked, he sells them through Scientific Coral. I don't think the PowerBuy is good for the shrimp, but you could still add them to the same order.
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