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Newnan school project

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This email came to me and the members of the club may want to respond individually to this request as you wish. Those with community interests should reply to the e-mail address at the end of the letter.

Dear Sir:

I teach science at Ellis Arnall Middle School located in Newnan, Georgia (just south of Atlanta). Several years ago I received a grant from the Georgia Middle School Association for the development of a reef tank. With the grant, donations from parents and students, donations from local businesses and a lot of hard work, we have since put together a beautiful 75-gallon tank with a variety of coral and other sea life. We have also added a 20-gallon refugium to our reef to grow macroalgae and to provide stability to the system by using a reverse lighting process.

Our beautiful, living reef is located in the media center, adjacent to a window that allows viewing from the hallway as well. The tank is accessible to all students and is used as an extension to the curriculum. There are aspects of the aquarium that allow each academic subject as well as the connections classes to benefit. I have assembled a core of students who are responsible for feeding and maintaining the aquarium and plan on eventually turning over all responsibilities to the students so that it can be truly student owned. News of our reef has appeared in the Atlanta Journal and several educational publications. I could go on and on about the benefits of our reef.

I am planning to upgrade our reef to a 120-gallon tank. This will allow us to add more life to the reef as well as create a more stable environment. I am currently seeking out grants and donations to fund the effort. The cost for the project will be about $1000. So far, I have received donations from our The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association, the school student council and our school PTA. Once the project is complete I hope to sell the existing tank and stand to have money in the reef account for maintenance costs.

I am requesting a donation from the Atlanta Reef Club so that our reef tank can have an upgrade. Our reef is a 75-gallon aquarium that has been built and developed with grant money, student donations, business donations and past PTA donations. Our reef is a success in part to the help of those mentioned, as well as an ongoing dedication of students and staff by using and maintaining our reef. I feel that education is one of life's most important tasks, and our reef is an extension to that education that will go on for a long time.

Thank you for your consideration. I will be happy to forward pictures or any other information that you may need to help make your decision.


[email protected]
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We set up a 180 reef for a local school here a few months ago. The SeaChem reps were more than happy to send them plenty of samples and product to "get them started". If any of the sponsor stores were to mention it to them I'm sure they would eb willing to help. Kent probably would do the same thing as well. You know, that whole marketing thing. :)
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