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I have been keeping cichlids for a number of years now and have been wanting to get into salt water.
I have the tank complete with overflow.
So my questions are as follows.
Knowing I don't hardly know a thing about this hobby, could someone please make some suggestions as to the equipment I will need to maintain a very healthy and happy marine community tank? I know that that is a very broad statement, but I would like to do it right the first time. Unlike when I was getting into freshwater. I bought more stuff that I don't use anymore and could have spent that on better equipment.

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where to start... first i recommend doing a ton of research before you buy anything. looks like you have a good tank for it. Do you currently run your system with a sump?

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Start reading.

If you don't start reading now you'll just end up doing the same thing that you did with freshwater. It will only cost you several times more.
Skimmer(high quality)
lights(depends on what you want to keep)
return pump(for use with the sump)
Water movement - closed loop system(probably the best option) Power heads(they work but in a 180 you'll need a bunch)
Live rock lots of live rock (200 lbs or so)

That's a starting point.

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Welcome to TRT!!!


if your 180 is a succesfull chichlid tank. leave it and get another tank for SW, if you have the room. why, SW is a completely different animal. the learning curve is rough and not very intuitive if coming from FW. in SW the tank is by far the least expensive piece of equipment. lighting and skimmer will quickly outprice a tank, even a tank as big as a 180. you will not be saving much.

a 180 is a great size though. a 75 is another great size to start with. the lighting is a lot less expensive on a 75 than a 180. a proper 6' hood on a 180 will be pushing 4 figures! :eek: even doing DIY will get you to at least half that.

research is super important in SW, and can not be stressed enough. if enough research is done in the beginning having a successfull SW tank can easily be acheived.

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