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Here's the tank plan: Freshwater Tropical Community Tank.
88 gallon (48" long, 19" wide, 22" Tall) partially planted tank, mixed sand & fine gravel substrate, decorative shells, driftwood, with glass cats, various small to medium tetras (maybe), singapore shrimp, corydoras, kuhli loaches, pleco, kribensis pair & 1 betta. The tank will be set up to provide plants for betta and others who love plants tapering into the open water/free swimming area with middle tank current flow and a nook for the kribensis (opposite end of the betta).

I am seeking advise reguarding equipment for such a tank. Like anyone, I desire equipment that will keep my fish happy and healthy while being cost-effective, low maintenance, reliable, and easy to use.

Also, I have been concidering replacing the tetra species with one larger peaceful community fish that adds action and a pop of color to the middle/top areas, as well as bold black fish. Mollies are brackish, so they won't work :cry: Not discus. I don't feel I'm ready for such a fish. Something to compliment the beautiful, long bodied glass catfish.

I can't wait to hear back from y'all! So exciting :jump3:Thanks a bunch!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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