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Good Morning everyone! I am a new member and have gotten a lot of great information from the site so far. Can anyone help me with some questions?? First of all i have a 14 biocube that is 4 weeks running. I have 20 lbs of sand and 20 lbs of rock. I have also two damsels in there for the last two weeks and water parameters are good: ph-8.2, ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate 5. I have noticed that the liverock that i got at my LFS was beautiful with tons of purple coraline algae on it but has been turning a little green and the purple has been fading. Should i be concerned or is that a normal part of the cycle? Also i just noticed tonight that in the rock I have seen what looks like a red centipede. Is this a problem? thanks in advance for any help!
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It is a normal part of the "cycle" process of a saltwater tank. You are getting green micrcoalgae on the rock. Do you have any snails or hermit crabs as a "clean up" crew?

What is your Calcium level?

You may have been a little early adding fish to the tank, but damsels are very hardy fish. You may encounter problems adding new fish to the tank since damsels are very territorial.

The red centipede is probably a flatworm but a picture would help ID this invertebrate.


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It is common for Coralline algae to fade/ bleach during the initial cycle of a tank, it will come back though. The red centipede thing is a Bristle worm. It is fine to have in the tank (valuable part of the clean up crew) just don't touch it with your bare hands, you will regret it.
Thanks Guys, Doug I have not tested for calcium? I will also be taking the Damsels back and getting a clown and a goby.............would it be ok to add a clean up crew at this time?? 4 weeks into the cycle?
Yes, add your CUC.
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