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I (a relative newbie) am wanting to expand to a 220 gal tank I would like the system to be as automated as possible and to leverage technology as much as possible to run the system. I am looking for any set-up diagrams and any advice that includes the following items:

1. Refugium
2. Quarantine tank/area
3. Auto top-off
4. A system of plumbing that attaches the water change/mixing barrel to both the tank and the RO tank
5. Including a skimmer, ozone or UV filter, and a canister or power filter
6. Return pumps located on each side of tank to create wavemaker action as well as alternate pumps located in the back of tank for circulation.
7. Abilty to regulate water flows to each "area/item" as much as possible
8. Lighting (auto on/off/changes, etc)
9. Auto monitoring of all parameters (Ph, temp, ORP, etc) with a Reef Keeper
10. Sump

Any and all advice welcome, especially in regards to adice on types/brands or equipment, etc.
Thx in advance.
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