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New seahorse build

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It's been sometime since my last seahorse set up, I'm going to start another tank, this will be just to house them and not breed or raise the fry. Don't want to get that deep into it these days. Just always lived my seahorses.

the tank will be a 36 bow front tank , skimmer and live plants

here is the tank
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Seahorses are a species only tank right? Can or will you have inverts too or is that not compatible?
You can have some other peaceful calm fish, i keep them alone . I run the tanks pretty must natural with macro algae’s , live rock and a protein skimmer. I had good success keeping the system simple.
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If you do add fish with them , have to make sure the seahorses are getting food , most fish are hogs and fast at getting the food before the seahorses do .

they also like cooler temperatures.

this isn’t really a build, more of asetup
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Looking forward to this. Don’t see any seahorse around here.
Looking forward to this. Don't see any seahorse around here.
I used to raise them , years ago, my old post here have my set up for rearing the fry, also played with clown fish fry in the breeding forum.
I will be using a hang on back skimmer for this tank, I have a pretty decent aqua max skimmer, I will also be using at start up a hang on back marineland 350 or 400 , if you ever seen any of my seahorse tanks. It will be packed with macro algae. I'm talking a lot. But it creates a really natural pod tank.
Here are pictures of one of my old set ups. Just a skimmer and a few lbs of live rock,

this give you an idea of what I'm aiming for, they where very healthy and happy.
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Soooooo looking forward to seeing this. Jen asks about Seahorses perty often, and I keep telling Her not in my current tank....really needs to be specialized.
This is on standby until our electricity come back online,
Took the tank out back and painted the back black, I hate messing with the background sheets. Going to bring it in and set it up and place fry Rick in and start curing, some will go to the larger tank for base rock.
Tank is in the new location, need to clean up some.
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Got the rock in the tank to cure, this will be done the slow method, then remove most of the rock for the reef tank and then start the seahorse tank. Making more water i under estimated the amount,


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I ran into town looking to buy some shrimp to place in tank for the cycle, no luck. The store shelves are pretty bare as a result of the hurricane. So I guess I will use fish food. It will work but is even slower.
Around here I can find bait shrimp, works good for fish food too.
Around here I can find bait shrimp, works good for fish food too.
I have frozen brine shrimp, krill and mysis, it will do instead of shrimp . I will also feed the other tank some to build up the bacteria and keep it steady.
Did water test today on this tank, ammonia 0
Nitrite. 10
No need to check nitrates at this time. Moving along nicely.
want it to finish so I can pull most rock out and put in reef tank.
It’s been awhile since an update , I’m still on track will check the water perimeters tomorrow, if all is good I will pick up a few small fish and pull out the excess rock for the reef. Need to get a cup cover for the skimmer, have to order one,
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The skimmer cup is on the way and excess rock removed. Now need to get better lighting and macro.
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Waiting for a delivery today, skimmer cup and lid to get the skimmer going, probably put some plants in tank today
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