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Being relatively new to reef keeping and even newer to these boards, I was wondering if there was a place where all the initials/terminology were listed. My bride and I have been able to figure out some (LFS, DSB, etc.) but there are so many others. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

DOH...:eek: Found the Faq...nevermind...i
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Welcome to TRT!

I'm glad you found the FAQ, and we're glad to have you with us :)

What kind of tank do you have? Have you cruised through the photo galleries? Lots of good ideas there for critters to fill your "little piece of the ocean."

Welcome to TRT!!!!!
Welcome to the TRT!!


Welcome to TRT, the most informative and friendlest place around.

(It's a good thing we don't care about spelling, I would be sent to the back room with my spelling book, never to be seen again LOL)
squid i have worse spelling than you...go to chat some night youll see lol
WELCOME TO TRT! iagree the friendliest place on earth!
Welcome to TRT:wavey:


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Clint is not kidding about his spelling in the chat room!:eek:
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