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New Nano--skimming ?

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Hey, we just got our Nano-used from Zach--and I was just wondering if anyone knows what skimmer to use..I have heard that some people think they are crap--and just to do water exchanges, but I really think we want a what are you ideas? Thanks a bunch.
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How small of a nano? I had a 29gal and used a aqua-C remora skimmer on it with great success.
Under 30 gallons most of them don't do much...just do a weekly water change...I think about the only one that is worth much is the Tunze if you are dead set on getting one...but honestly I have 3 x 24g nano's in my house and none of them have skimmer, and the Cardiff came with one but after fiddling with it I pulled it out.
Ive also seen reviews of a AquaticLife Internal skimmer which is supposed to be pretty good. You could check it out at Marine Depot.
Sorry, 24 gallon
Yeah tunze would be a sweet unit. I'm gonna drill bulkheads and plumb it into my other system though so it will share the water with my 75 and that skimmer can do the work. Then again I'm just doing frags in my 24.

Sorry, 24 gallon
is it an all in one like a biocube or JBJ unit?
If so then I have heard good things on the Tunze units, but personally I would go with water changes - those skimmers are so small and the collection cups are so small you will need to change it out every day ;)

If you have a sump then skimmer choices become much more vast.

Do you have one?
It is an all inclusive nanocube. I wanted to go without a sump for looks since I have the S shaped stand that goes with it. I have a sump on my 125 and my 120, but I am putting the nano in the dining room with some nice shelving around it.
I have an ancient BakPak skimmer good for up to a 60 gallon on my 10 gallon and I wouldn't want anything less. I'm not up on the latest skimmers but I think you are on the right track, get a skimmer!
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