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New lights, what to get?

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:cool: So I want to get a Jalli 13w strip hood for my 1gal nano. Was talking to my bro about what to get (he also asked when I'm gonna go see Logan - That's later this eve, I'll post pix tomorrow).
Anyway, Foo. said just about anything, except for size restrictions.
Currently I only have 1"cc bed, 1/2 lb l/r, pods, snails, worms and the usual fuge fauna.
The bulb is a 13w white compact.

Suggestions will be appreciated.

:beer: :beer:
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The Jalli should be good. I think they make a double unit for larger nano tanks. I would definately try to get something a little bigger than a 1g. I had trouble getting my 6g eclipse "eco-balanced" and finally converted it to freshwater. The 1g will be quite a challenge. You'll need to watch evap with the hot light of course too. Also is the tank acrylic or glass. You ever seen the pic of the melted eclipse? It's not pretty. You'd be suprised how well mushrooms and polyps will do under that lighting (13w).

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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