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New lights, what to get?

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:cool: So I want to get a Jalli 13w strip hood for my 1gal nano. Was talking to my bro about what to get (he also asked when I'm gonna go see Logan - That's later this eve, I'll post pix tomorrow).
Anyway, Foo. said just about anything, except for size restrictions.
Currently I only have 1"cc bed, 1/2 lb l/r, pods, snails, worms and the usual fuge fauna.
The bulb is a 13w white compact.

Suggestions will be appreciated.

:beer: :beer:
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:D :D Thanks again brooke. The naano is a 1 gal corner that I had intended for brine shrimp about 9 mos ago. Made it the nano instead. It is acryllic so I'm going to hhave the lights over/suspended, and might get some plexi as a lid cuz what i got is black.
I'll put out pix when it's done.

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